Tile Injection Solutions Australia rectified yet another drummy floor tile problem on the gorgeous Tweed Coast. What a beautiful spot to work, what a view! We are so lucky.

Tile Injection Solutions Australia were able to quickly assess the de-laminated areas and provided a cost effective quote.

We are sure our clients were impressed with the outcome of solving their ‘drummy’ and ‘hollow’ floor tile problem. Our clients had quite an extensive area of floor tiles that had become ‘hollow sounding’ under foot. They also experienced areas of cracked, chipping and missing grout. *Note – Cracked, chipped or missing grout is normally a certainty that your floor tiles are beginning to de-bond, de-laminate or lift up from the substrate. This can lead to popping or tiles cracking.

With our Tile Injection repair system, there was no need for the owners to move out or have their floors pulled up and relaid. These lovely home owners can now go back to enjoying their amazing backyard without worrying about their floor tiles. Plus no more worries about their floor tiles sounding like drums. Nor do they have to put up with the feeling of crumbly grout under their toes!

Tweed Heads home with a large drummy floor tile problem – solved!