Tenting and Buckled Floor Tiles

We completed works for Tenants that had only moved in. Without warning they awoke to find the tiles in the dining area of the house had buckled and tented. Due to this problem, the tenants contacted the Property Manager of their Real Estate Agency.  They reported their newly discovered tripping hazard.

Following the usual processes the Property Manager reported the issue to the landlord. At the time the Landlord was unaware of the Tile Injection process. At first they went on to contact a tiler and obtain a quote to lift and replace the existing tiles.

The quote from the tiler turned out to be quite expensive! Plus, whilst works were to be carried out the tenants were advised they would need to vacate the premises. The time allowed for job completion was quoted around 1 – 1.5 Weeks! Yikes!

Living area floor tiles that have popped and formed a tent like shape

Example of Tenting Tiles (Before Tile Injection repair)

Discovering Tile Injection Solutions Australia!

In the interim the Property Manager had simply discovered us on Google.

Appointing Tile Injection Solutions Australia to inspect the property. Right away we found obvious signs of tile tenting or buckling. We also discovered additional and numerous surrounding drummy sounding floor tiles.

Tile Injection Solutions Australia supplied our quote and report to the Property Manager. This allowed the Landlord to make an informed decision on rectifying the floor tiles. We advised the Landlord that with our Tile Injection procedure his tenants would not have to vacate the property. As a bonus, there would be no need to remove furniture from the premises whilst Tile Injection works were carried out.

Tile Injection Solutions Australia were hired! In 2 short days the job was complete. Within 2 -3 hours of the repairs the tenants could walk on their tiles again. With no hassles we replaced the tented and buckled floor tiles. We then went on to rectify the surrounding loose floor tiles by re-bonding with our Tile Injection Solution!

Repaired tented floor tiles

Example of Repaired Tenting Tiles (After Tile Injection repair)