An easy way to test for yourself if your floor tiles are hollow or drummy is to simply give them a knock or tap. If you don’t want to use your knuckles you can use the handle of a screwdriver or lightly tap with a coin a ball bearing. Of course, you should never tap the tiles too hard, especially if you think they are hollow underneath as tapping too hard may lead to chipping or cracking.

Usually people will notice the echoing or hollow sound coming from their tiles in high traffic areas, from simply walking on the tiles in shoes.

Why Is This Happening?

This hollow sound could be evident for a number of reasons, there really are many variables.

Here we have listed the main reasons we find why people have hollow sounding floor tiles:

    • There was not sufficient adhesive applied to the tiles when they were first laid. Floor tiles should have full coverage upon initial installation. We find many floors have only been spot fixed, leaving huge voids between the substrate and tile
    • The tile and adhesive have debonded or separated from the substrate creating the void
    • The tile has debonded from the adhesive and the substrate creating the void
    • Movement in the slab or substrate
    • Water damage such as flooding
    • Lack of or no expansion joints used, causing pressure amongst the tiles. This pressure can lead to tiles not only debonding but floor tiles popping and buckling.

If you suspect your floor tiles are drummy or delaminated please contact us today to book in your free assessment and quote – contact us.