Drummy tiles occur for various reasons, such as the following

  • Inadequate adhesives on initial installation
  • Insufficient amount of adhesive / glue used on the initial installation. Floor tiles should have full coverage upon initial installation
  • Thermal conditions, such as the expansion and contraction of tiles and substrate due to weather conditions, heating or cooling
  • In some wet areas or where flooding has occurred. Water that sits under tiles could eventually cause the adhesive to break down
  • Tile adhesive or glue has debonded or separated from the substrate creating a void
  • The tile adhesive or glue has separated from the tile itself causing a void
  • The tile adhesive or glue had skinned over when initially laid. This┬ácan negatively affect the bonding of tile to glue
  • The incorrect type of adhesive or glue was used upon initial installation
  • Movement of the substrate
  • Dobbing of tile adhesive or glue used on initial installation causing voids
  • Incorrect floor preparation when initial installation occurred
  • Tile on Tile. When tiles are laid over old tiles it may be the older tiles beneath that are drummy

Please Note

If you have noticed a hollow or drummy sound in your floor tiles you should not delay in seeking repair advice from us. The longer you leave hollow or drummy flooring the higher the risk is of tiles cracking or lifting under foot.

Drummy floor that has cracked and popped

Broken Floor Tiles

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