Does Tile Injection Really Work?

Yes, it certainly does. The injection process is carried out by drilling small holes in the grout lines. After that, we inject a specialised liquid glue through the grout joint and under the drummy / drummie, loose or delaminated tiles. Our glue / adhesive is both strong and flexible. This creates a new bond between the tile and substrate, which will hold for many, many more years. All without the hassle of jackhammering tiles up or grinding old adhesive off the substrate. Therefore, no dust throughout your home and no need to move out. Importantly our repair method is cost effective and enables our clients to have an alternative option other than tearing up their floors. Our tile injection service also comes with a 7 year guarantee.


Marc has been a tiler for over 25 years and a highly sought after tiler also. He too was sceptical about the process, until he realised what a huge problem drummy tiles were. Especially in the Northern NSW and South East Queensland region. Marc has a high knowledge of ceramic floor tiles and the issues they bring and the why. Above all, he will always give you honest answers to your inquiries and listen to your concerns.


We have many satisfied customers and this one below is one of our all time favourites – Thank you Brian!

I never would have believed it would work so well. Marc Huwart was my tradie who did the job. He was so professional and clean. Thank you Marc. Saved me thousands of dollars and all my drummie tiles are no more. A wonderful product with the perfect tradesman.
Brian - Helensvale, QLD

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