Cracked, Loose or Missing Grout

Cracked, loose or missing grout can detract from the looks of a finished tiled surface. Once you see this happening it could be the first signs of more than just poor grout finishing techniques. Often customers think they can just repair grout when they find it missing or dislodging. When grout becomes missing or dislodged there is usually an underlying issue.

Delaminated Tiles

When tiles have become delaminated, loose, hollow or drummy there tends to be some movement between the tiles and adhesive. With foot traffic, this can cause tiles to move slightly up and down loosening the grout joints. With every run of the vacuum, piece by piece the grout will slowly disappear. Once the grout has gone this leaves the tiles exposed to even more damage. With constant (even if slight) movement of the loosening tiles, there is the chance the grout pieces can work their way under the tiles. When chunks of grout get under the drummy tiles there is a high chance the tiles will break or crack.

Broken and Cracked Tiles

Broken and cracked tiles are dangerous tripping hazards and generally have sharp edges. Once you start having broken and cracked tiles the repair job becomes a little harder for the repairer. This is usually due to being left too long so there may not be any spares for replacement. If this is the case you may have to select a new tile that is a close match. In summary, the sooner you uncover the reasons why you have cracked, loose or missing grout the easier the repair. If the cause is loose tiles, the good news is – we can fix it! The even better news is that you won’t have to rip up your whole floor to do it. We can repair with the tile injection system firming up their foundation and giving new life to your tiles.

Floor tiles with missing grout

Floor tiles with missing grout could be the first signs of delamination

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