Yes it certainly is – much cheaper than the cost of re-tiling. This is because we do not need to pull everything out and start again. Below are some examples of what factors a tiler will have to do to repair your floors. As there is so much more labour intensive work involved in re-tiling, there is no doubt you will be charged accordingly.

There are various factors that could contribute to the cost of re-tiling your home or office space. These factors could include

  • Jackhammering to remove tiles
  • Grinding remaining adhesive on substrate
  • Dumping fees
  • Purchase costs of new tiles – Type of tile – e.g. porcelain, feature tiles are more expensive
  • Purchase of new grout, glue and materials
  • Labour costs of re-laying new tiles
  • You may need to pay for storage as you will have to remove all furniture from the newly tiled area
  • Accommodation – you may be required to find alternative accommodation during retiling (depending on the scope of works of course)
  • Cleaner – in some cases you may have to hire a cleaner due to excessive dust and mess
  • Time waiting to return home or back to normal routine

At Tile Injection Solutions Australia there is NO:

  • Jackhammering 
  • Grinding the substrate
  • Dumping fees
  • Purchase costs for new tiles
  • Storage costs
  • Moving furniture out
  • Accomodation costs
  • Moving yourself out
  • Dust or mess to clean
  • Waiting days to walk on your floor

All equals a huge saving on your part. It really does save time, stress and money $$. In most cases you can be walking back on your floor within hours of treatment. We will also leave your floors cleaned and polished.

We Care About The Environment

Tile Injection is also safe on the environment. As we have minimal waste and no builders rubble to dispose of, our system has next to no impact on waste footprint.

Safe on the environment

We care about our environment

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