Above: Commercial Building QLD: The flooring pictured above was found in a drummy and hollow state. Tile Injection Solutions Australia fixed the problem.

The picture above displays a foyer, a typically busy foyer, located within a commercial building at Varsity Lakes in Queensland. This foyer had a massive problem of Drummy and Hollow sounding floor tiles. Management were concerned many tiles were about to break or lift. But with our tile injection process we were able to rectify the problem within one day and there was no need for removal of any tiles. Allowing for the normal everyday, busy foot traffic to return within hours of the process. No mess, no dust and no inconvenience to the surrounding businesses within the premises!

Had the floor tiles been left in the drummy and hollow sounding state, over a period of time they would eventually start to chip, crack or pop which would soon have become a serious and dangerous tripping hazard. In busy and high traffic areas, constant movement and pressure increases the risk of a drummy tile cracking. Drummy, cracked, lifting and hollow tiles can also be a serious Workplace Health and Safety hazard. In addition – loose, drummy, popping or hollow sounding floor tiles are also a building defect and should be rectified immediately.

We are also more than happy to work with you outside of your normal trading hours as to not disturb your general day to day workflow or disturb surrounding businesses.

If you have any sign of this beginning to happen within your workplace, please advise us to assist you today! We can assure you, you will receive with nothing but a prompt and professional rectification service.

We can provide you with Strata Management, Body Corporate or Insurance inspection reports within 24 hours of your inquiry.


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