Before and After Tile Injection Repair

An easy DIY way to test if your floor tiles are hollow or drummy, is to give them a light knock or tap. You can use the handle of a screwdriver or lightly tap with a coin a ball bearing. However, please ensure you never tap the tiles too hard, especially if you think […]

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Tile Injection on the beautiful Tweed Coast

Tile Injection Solutions Australia rectified yet another drummy floor tile problem on the gorgeous Tweed Coast. What a beautiful spot to work, what a view! We are so lucky.

Tile Injection Solutions Australia were able to quickly assess the de-laminated areas and provided a cost effective quote.

We are sure our clients were impressed with the […]

General Service Regions

The following list is not a finite list but purely an overview of Tile Injection Solutions Australia’s general service areas. Even if your suburb does not appear on the list below and you reside between Ballina and Brisbane or off the coast, inland of the Gold Coast and Northern Rivers areas we would still […]

Commercial Building Foyer

Above: Commercial Building QLD: The flooring pictured above was found in a drummy and hollow state. Tile Injection Solutions Australia fixed the problem.
The picture above displays a foyer, a typically busy foyer, located within a commercial building at Varsity Lakes in Queensland. This foyer had a massive problem of Drummy and Hollow sounding floor […]

Tenting and Buckled Floor Tiles

Before: The flooring pictured above displays obvious signs of tile tenting or buckled tiles.
Tenting and Buckled Floor Tiles

Tenants of the pictured property had only recently moved in and without warning, awoke to find the tiles in the dining area of the house had buckled and tented. Due to this problem, the tenants contacted the Property Manager […]

5 Quick TISA Tips for Floor Tile Care

5 Quick Tips for Floor Tile Care

*Some tips apply to drummy tile care

Finding your floors are drummy or hollow sounding?  This is when your floor tiles are at their weakest state. You must not drop any heavy objects on them otherwise, they are prone to cracking and breaking very easily. Also, try not […]