1. Tile SolutionsIf you find your floors are drummy or hollow sounding, try to avoid dropping any heavy objects on them otherwise, they are prone to cracking and breaking. Also, try not to rest any furniture on any tiles you may think are hollow underneath or again your tiles are susceptible to cracks.
  2. When moving furniture around the home, try to avoid dragging any heavier pieces across your tiles, as this may scratch the tiles. If you can try to lift with two or more people or use some Floor Protection Feet, Furniture Sliders or Heavy Duty Felt Pads.
  3. If you have just made the decision to purchase and lay some new tiles, ensure you purchase a few extra than you need (have some left over) – just in case the line or brand of tiles you buy are depleted, you will always have some spares if those little accidents do happen.
  4. Clean your tiles regularly with a non-abrasive cleaner. Try to sweep or vacuum first (prior to mopping) this will remove any sand or grit that could cause surface scratches.
  5. Shoes – just like timber flooring some floor tiles are vulnerable to chips or cracks caused by hard soled shoes or women’s high heels.

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